Going places?

Today I bought my first ever suitcase. I mean… I’ve used suitcases before but they have always been borrowed. Or, I have opted for multitudes of bags: the old rucksack plus 12 bags for life combo… we’ve all been there.

But today I stepped into TK Maxx with the sole purpose of finding my first suitcase.

I had done my research. 8 wheels is better than 4 or 2. Hard shell vs soft casing. Multi position handle. Security locking. Unique pattern for easy spotting.

I knew what I wanted, and I had my budget: better to spend now than buy cheap and have to replace it too soon.

I was expecting alot from one store but I had faith that ‘T to the K at the Maxx’ could deliver. And they did!

I am now the proud owner of a pink, hard shell, 8 wheeled, cabin size, multi handled, TSA security friendly suitcase. I own it, it is mine. Friends from across the years, thank you, but you are now free from my constant travel cries for help.

And this little case is appropriately Kiss themed because this is me blowing a farewell kiss to a previous life as a new one begins! This purchase signals the beginning of a journey both metaphorical and literal.

I’m looking at the case as I write this and it feels like the weight that this lightweight case carries is life-sized. It means that much to me. It carries the weight of a decision to leap. It carries the hopes that I can prove myself. It carries with it hours of coach, train and plane travel that I look forward.

Let’s go, Gene!





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