Term 1… MA-ATP

An introduction to thinking beyond the box…


The New Studio became our tangerine/orange hued haven and hell. The phrase “walk around the room” like a bell to Pavlov’s ‘cats’.


Squish Toss (from Action Hero’s Hoke’s Bluff) Re-enacting a performance none of us had seen. Hoke had a wolf hood, rockbox and nail polish. Music: They Move On Tracks Of Neverending Light.


Fi and Al experiencing tea joy during Andy Field’s lecture on the absent performer. Collaboration with Rae.


#SayYes with Nick Wood.


Context in movement: Action, reaction and context on stage embodied by physical movement.

We’ve got our eyes on you: Mediated body with Gemma Paintin (Action Hero). The same day that Trump was elected.


Line Dancing… using the Peaceful Valley Stomp and collaborating in groups to deconstruct the youtube video (and dance) and reconstruct a performance piece from the fragments. Picture shows Al, Carly, Chia Min, Sara and Fi’s group at work.


PJ, Ashlyn and Caroline interpreting Amber Priestly and Bob Cryer’s Bonnie Prince Charlie opera.


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